Play Score
& Get More!

"PLAY SCORE & GET MORE!" is a dynamic campaign crafted for LG Virtual Brandshop in collaboration with HSAd. This project leverages cutting-edge technologies, including Angular for seamless web development, ThreeJS for interactive 3D graphics, and Firebase for robust backend support.

The microsite serves as a seamless platform to showcase LG's Virtual Brandshop, complemented by an engaging game that not only adds a layer of entertainment but also rewards users with exclusive promotions. "PLAY SCORE & GET MORE!" is not just a campaign; it's a reimagined approach to engaging with LG Virtual Brandshop, where each interaction unfolds a new layer of discovery and enjoyment.

Year: 2023

Country: UAE / KSA / Egypt / Lebanon

Client: LG / HSAd

Tech: Angular / ThreeJS / Firebase

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